Teaching and Pedagogy 

Mathematics is elegant and insightful but often misconstrued as merely a collection of facts and methods. I believe the beauty of mathematics lies not in its theorems or procedures, or even in the answers they provide, but in the intuition and clarity of understanding that mathematics gives us. Ultimately, this beauty is what I strive to share with my students. To this end, my teaching philosophy is anchored in the motto so often repeated to my students: Mathematics is a skill, not a subject. The subtle but important difference is that the content of mathematics can be learned through mindless memorization of theorems and methodology but the intuition -- the beauty -- is developed only through practice, critical assessment, and reflection. Learning how to think mathematically is an individualized process, and students must actively construct their own understanding.

Mathematics is a skill, not a subject.

Courses Taught

Randolph-Macon College

Math 131: Calculus I

Davidson College

Mat 396: Independent Study in Network Ranking

Mat 331: Complex Analysis
Mat 150: Linear Algebra
Mat 140: Multivariable Calculus and Modeling

Mat 112: Calculus I and Modeling​

University of South Carolina

Math 554/703I: Analysis I

Math 546/701I: Algebraic Structures I

Math 242: Elementary Differential Equations

Math 241: Vector Calculus

Math 221: Basic Concepts of Elementary Mathematics I

Math 170: Finite Mathematics
Math 142: Calculus II

Math 122: Calculus for Business Administration and Social Sciences

Math 115: Precalculus Mathematics

Math 111: Basic College Mathematics

Math 111I: Intensive Basic College Mathematics

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